The Spanish Supreme Court has made certain requests to the Court of Justice of the European Union on unfair terms in consumer contracts, including the clause on the payment of an origination fee.

Parents denounced for abuse will not be able to visit their children as of 3 September, with the entry into force of the reform of the Civil Code which places limits on such contact.

This judgment, handed down recently by the Provincial Court of Madrid, recognises a high compensation in favour of the father, specifically 61,982 euros, plus legal interest, taking into account "the profound pain and emotional emptiness caused by the facts that have given rise to the proceedings, accompanied by the frustration of the existing family life project".

A Madrid court has ruled in favour of a motorist who in 2019 sued the Directorate General of Traffic for imposing a fine of 200 euros and the deduction of 3 points from his licence for using an intercom while driving on the M-506.

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