A woman teacher at a public school in Puertollano (Ciudad Real, Spain) slapped a four-year-old boy who is hyperactive.

A university professor told a student in class that she could not be in the front row with a disproportionate cleavage, that she had to go to the back rows or cover her cleavage.

An important judgement in Spain recognises as an accident at work the mental problems caused to a worker of extreme content on social networks.

As every Monday, our Lawyer Alicia Martín takes part in the Crónicas Radio programme together with Chalo Frías and Laura San José.

A court in Cuenca, Spain, has declared the death of a waiter who died of a heart attack, minutes after receiving the letter informing him of his dismissal, sent by his employer to his home, as he was on medical leave, to be an accident at work.

The Christmas holidays are over and our lawyer Alicia Martín participates in another Crónicas Radio programme, together with Chalo Frías and Laura San José.