In Spain until now a minimum height of 1.65 metres for men and 1.60 metres for women was required, but the average height in Spain is 1.74 metres for men and 1.63 metres for women.

It all started when a woman who is 1.56 metres tall was excluded in 2017 from the selective process to join the Basic Scale of the Spanish National Police. She appealed the decision, first to the Council of Ministers and, in the face of its silence, went to the Supreme Court, where she also demanded that the minimum height requirement be annulled.

The Supreme Court now agrees with the woman and, in addition to annulling the height requirement, the woman can take the selective tests for entry into the police force. It explains in its ruling that the requirement of 1.65 metres for men is less demanding, and that the minimum height for women should be 1.54 metres to restore equalityRead more.

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